The needs of the medical industry are unique in its requirement for small precision components manufactured using medical grade materials.

The flexibility of our facilities allow us to scale production for any quantity and size of coil, torsion or strip spring, manufactured from titanium, stainless steel or other alloys for use in;

  • General medical apparatus
  • Surgical instruments
  • Medical devices
  • Orthopaedic implants and equipment.

Every product designed or manufactured at Springcoil is subjected to rigorous ‘Design scrutiny’ and ‘Production testing’ as attention to detail ensures the highest quality standards as demanded by our existing customers in this critical industry sector.

Working with your ‘Full Scope’, technical drawings or sample, we are able to provide a comprehensive product recommendation for a bespoke manufactured item or one from our existing catalogue to fulfil your requirement.

Please contact us for an informal discussion or quotation.