Product quality and Customer Service is at the heart of everything we do and we pride ourselves on our design and production ISO 9001-2015 processes which are followed rigidly to ensure consistency across batches.

Production runs are subject to sample testing for specification verification at every stage of manufacture and ALL product undergoes a final quality control inspection before it is released for dispatch to the client.

We also provide a testing service for a range of client requirements including:

  • Reverse engineering.
  • Production product conformity checks.
  • Stress checks
  • Fit for purpose checks.
  • Proof of design calculations.

Working from either a technical-brief or drawing, and your supplied sample, we use our ‘in house’ specialist testing equipment to provide you with a comprehensive specification or wear report which, if requested, can include modification advice on design, materials, processes and finishes.

Please contact us to discuss any testing requirement you may have.



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