Oil, Gas & Marine

Whether you have:

An idea.

A sample.

A full scope with technical drawings.

Springcoil have an enviable reputation as a manufacturer who, whilst being mindful of the competitiveness in today’s marketplace, will never compromise on  our ‘quality of service and product’, and offer a service that is so much more than just manufacturing for our many clients in the Oil & Gas, Marine, Power Generation, Chemical and Nuclear industries, having supplied them a with wide range of products including high temperature springs, used in Valves and Actuators, Wire FormsFlat Springs, PressingsTorsion Springs and Compression Springs over the years.

Working with the clients ‘Full Scope’ or technical drawings, we are able to offer manufacturing, rapid prototyping and a ’Design and Materials consultancy’ as our in-depth working knowledge of production processes and materials, including their mechanical stress, stain and fatigue properties, allows us to provide our clients with a comprehensive recommendation to ensure the finished product will be fit for purpose.

If you are looking for ‘re-manufacturing’ but do not have a specification. Then simply provide us with a sample, and using our ‘in-house’ specialist testing equipment we can identify the materials and specification for you, and can offer alternative options and advice.

Our high quality and reliable springs are manufactured using High Nickel Alloys:

  • Titanium
  • Inconel including 600, 625, 718, X750
  • Hastelloy including B3, C276,
  • Nimonic 90
  • Elgiloy/Phynox
  • MP35N
  • Stainless Steel including 302, 316, 17-7
  • Monel 400, K-500

NACE Material Accreditations are available from our approved raw material suppliers.

Material specific data sheets are available upon request.

If you’re looking for any of the above services please give us a call on 01142 731111 to discuss your requirements.