Flat Springs

Flat Springs | Flat Spring Manufacturers

Flat springs are typically stamped from flat sheet materials, pressed to shape, drilled if required and heat treated.

Usually manufactured from high carbon spring steel, nickel-silver, high-nickel alloys, stainless steel, and phosphor-bronze, and beryllium-copper combinations.

Small or large, simple or complex, as with any spring they work by storing energy when deflected and releasing it when the load is reduced or removed.

Used in applications such as motors, office equipment, generators, counterbalances, locks, electrical switchgear and many others. Especially useful in small or restricted spaces, the possibilities are endless.

Our total solution for companies includes multi-slide and power presses used in combination with standard and bespoke tooling, which can be either budget tooling for low volume production, or full progression tooling for high volumes.

If you have a flat spring requirement please contact us to discuss it.